JOB OPENING for Electrical Engineer:

Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (may be foreign equivalent). Studies contract specifications to plan design requirements for renewable energy and photovoltaic projects. Experience or knowledge of photovoltaic systems preferred. 12 months experience as Project or Electrical Engineer. Send resume to: Pacific Renewable Energy Solutions, Inc. Attn: Managing Director, 220 Route 4, Suite 104, T.S. Tanaka Building, Hagatna, Guam 96910 or email to .

Why we offer LED and Induction Lamps

  • LED & Induction has more lumens per watt than fluorescent, incandescent and sodium/MH lamps. Thus it uses less energy to produce light. Normally the reduction ranges from about 40% to 80%.
  • LED & Induction has very long life span. This reduces your maintenance activities i.e. changing bulbs and ballast.
  • LED & Induction lamps have high CRI (Color Rendering Index) .This means clearer picture for the same amount of light produced.
  • LED & Induction lamps are instant restrike lamps. They turn on at the flick of the switch.
  • LED and Induction generate less heat. Indirectly it saves you on air-conditioning as it does keep your room cooler than using fluorescent tubes.
  • The older the unit gets for fluorescent and metal halide fixtures; you will hear humming of the ballast. LED & Induction Lighting does not.
  • Environmentally friendly to operate and dispose.