JOB OPENING for Electrical Engineer:

Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (may be foreign equivalent). Studies contract specifications to plan design requirements for renewable energy and photovoltaic projects. Experience or knowledge of photovoltaic systems preferred. 12 months experience as Project or Electrical Engineer. Send resume to: Pacific Renewable Energy Solutions, Inc. Attn: Managing Director, 220 Route 4, Suite 104, T.S. Tanaka Building, Hagatna, Guam 96910 or email to .


In any industry, any business, small or large, must be committed to their line of work, customers, staff, community, and to the overall good their services and products can render.
At PRES, we understand our commitment.


Our Industry

We work with a fine group of suppliers and manufacturers, never cutting corners in quality products and services. We follow best practices. Our industry is very dynamic, evolving every day. We make it a point to keep on top of the newest trends, what works and what does not, so we can offer our customers only the best. We are deep rooted in the energy savings business. This is what we do. This is what we are good at. 

The Island of Guam

Being part of our beautiful island community is embedded in our business model. PRES is a Guam-based company. Guam is our home. With this idea, we know that we are here to build better solutions for our customers, in turn, helping to build a more sustainable and effective environment for our customers from where they do business and dwell. We do our share to help the local economy grow. We are serious about “going green”. Our products are designed to help our environment, keeping our island’s air, water, and land clean. Let’s all do our part in reducing our footprint.


Yes, we truly appreciate our customers. We only want to give them the best. From the day we meet until the completion of the project, our customers come first. We understand that not all our customers truly grasp the idea of “Switch and Save.” We work with our customers to show them the savings they deserve. We also explain how our products work, so our customers have a clear understanding. We are always here to provide support and back our products with warranties.